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Synesthesia Books

Right now, Synesthesia Books is just me, Anderson Atlas. I write and illustrate my own books and market them too. No tricks. I love drawing and I love writing and when I draw I see stories and vice versa. That is why I love the idea of Synesthesia. I’m dedicated to providing print books, ebooks and interactive novels with great stories paired with enchanting visuals. I believe that reading is essential to happiness and so is art. Combining the two is the next logical step. My company is just beginning and quite small, but my dreams are big. We hope you like the stories I bring to you in print and in surrounded by art.

Missing Sun

The Missing Sun - Anderson Atlas, Anderson Atlas, Ellie R Peterson

Best Christmas Fable of 2015!


One Hot December day the sun mysteriously vanishes. Snow turns to ice and the world freezes over. Smart, little Ellie has a plan to bring back the sun. But can she convince the townsfolk to give up all their Christmas presents so she can save the world?